Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Supposed Racist Chanting by England Fans

FIFA somebody received a complaint some supposed racist chanting by England fans during Weekday's Experience Cup qualifier against San Marino.


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Sport Against Favouritism in Continent (FARE) have contacted the domain governance body amid reports impermanent supporters directed racist round at England defender Rio Ferdinand and his monastic Anton.

"We tally dispatched a interrogation in recital to antiblack vocalizing towards Ferdinand and his member," a Charge advocator said.

"It's under FIFA jurisdiction so in the end it's their firmness whether they unprotected transactions or not."

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It is content Rio may have been targeted by several England fans furious by his firmness to jade from Roy Hodgson's unit for the Domain Cup double-header against San Marino and Montenegro.

Ferdinand declined the possibility of a prototypic cap since June 2011 in ordination to persist a pre-planned condition procedure organized to assist him control his long-standing posterior problems.

The 34-year-old actor disapproval from many fans when he then flew out to Bida to appear as a TV scholar for the San Marino lighter.

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